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About Kennel Stora Björn


My name is Karin Jansson and I live with my partner and our dogs in scenic Dannemora, Uppland. Animals have always been of great interest to me and especially horses and dogs.


Dogs have been with me full time in my life since the mid 80's. The family's first dog was a small mixed breed that we gave our mother for "Mother's Day". My first dog was a miniature dachshund. I got into dogs for real in 1988 when I bought the german shepherd bitch called Cimarosa's Lady. For several years I spent my time among german shepherds.

C.I.B NORD uch Notown's Close up

C.I.B NORD uch Siggens Quick-Sand



Siggen's Hermine

In 1994 I got a relocated Old English Sheepdog bitch, the Swedish champion Chefens TummeLisa and the following year I got her full sister Chefens Tjosan. During this time I learnt a lot about breeding, and the many hours spent behind planning litters and matching dogs from my friend and breeder of 3 of my 5 OES, Carina at Notown's kennel.


In 2002 the first Pembroke walked into my life, also this through relocation. Her name was Siggens Quick-Sand. "Pinnen" was a Swedish champion and I spent many happy and successful yeas together with her. Through Pinnen the interest in breeding started for real and the search for breeding material took off. Summer 2008 I bought the bitch Siggens Hermine "Bonnie" and in 2010 the male Noble Baguette Justin "Justin" moved in. These two dogs were the start of the breeding, and produced my kennels first litter in 2011.


The name of my kennel were given to me by a good friend in 1996. "Stora Björn" is small scale kennel. The goal of my breeding is that it hopefully brings joy to the breed with healthy, close to breeding-standard and mentally pleasant Welsh Corgi Pembrokes, both now and in the future.

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